The Guzheng Ensemble aims to allow members to experience and develop an interest in music making and appreciation. Members are given opportunities to perform for various events and competitions. In the process, they learn about team spirit and gain self-confidence.

In the Co-curricular Activities recruitment exercise this year, we welcome a group of Secondary One students who display strong interest and sense of enthusiasm towards Guzheng. This too is in line with the spirit and vision of the entire Guzheng Ensemble team over the past 15 years.


With the support from the school and the guidance from our Guzheng instructor and teachers, our Guzheng Ensemble was awarded with the certificate of Distinction in Singapore Youth Festival 2019. The team has also represented the school to participate in many community performances, such as National day Dinner, as well as on television programmes telecast on Mediacorp. This fully demonstrated the spirit living in each Guzheng member, fulfilling the vision of allowing our members to be exposed to platforms to experience and to develop an interest in music making and appreciation.


In 2020, aside from the chance to participate in the Chinese New Year performance, Guzheng Ensemble also learnt to overcome obstacles and are practicing hard to commemorate the Canberra Secondary School’s 20th Anniversary. The series of melodies selected in the performance is a strong representation of how the team has progressed on for the past ten years. This year, Guzheng Ensemble participated in the Singapore Youth Festival 2021 and was once again awarded with the Certificate of Distinction.


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