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Learning for Life Programme – Community Youth Leadership (LLP-CYL)
GRC GEMS in Action

Canberra Secondary’s Learning for Life Programme – Community Youth Leadership (LLP-CYL) : GRC GEMS in action, captures the aspiration of our teachers and students to develop youth leaders who impact their communities through regular service. 

The school’s LLP-CYL provides authentic learning experiences to nurture students who embody Gratitude, Respect and Compassion through character and citizenship education, student leadership trainings, mentoring by Character Coaches and VIA experience. Beyond values, these developmental platforms serve to hone the competencies of students, namely, in GEMS (Go the extra mile, Effective in teams, Model the way, Self-directed Learner).

The school’s VIA programme, termed 2:168 Contributors Programme, is a unique experience that all Canberrans go through. What is 2:168 Contributors Programme? The term 2:168 refers to devoting 2 hours out of 168 hours in a week to service. In essence, staff and students at Canberra Secondary School commit two hours weekly to serve a community of their choice.

Such exposure not only nurtures students’ character and leadership in real-life values education, but also contributes to meeting real needs of the community. The regular habit of serving develops in our students an outward mind-set shift that brings joy, ignites a sense of purpose and fosters a grateful spirit.

Take a ride with us, share our joy, feel our heartbeat in our video “Our GRC Journey”.

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