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Applied Learning Programme
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The purpose ALP is to engage students of the 21st Century. We would like to nurture students’
critical and inventive thinking. It is a programme to challenge students’ thinking, through
authentic inquiry and personal engagement in both Arts and ICT. In ALP, students will achieve in the 3 areas of outcomes, Challenging Potential, Conquering.


Aspiration and Contributing to Society in tier 1, 2 and 2+.

1. Challenging Potential

- learn about knowledge and skills in digital media, specifically in photography and
- understand the nature of the digital media and how it can be used to express ideas and learning.
- acquire self-directed learning and collaborative learning skills when working on digital media content.

2. Conquering Aspiration

- be exposed to opportunities to apply their digital media skills and knowledge learned that would showcase their digital media works and learning processes.
- Be able to apply knowledge and skills acquired in real world contexts, and better appreciate their connection with post-secondary education and the industries.

3. Contributing to Society

- be empowered to share their skills learned to their immediate community like the primary school students.
- create and organize their learning resources which can also be shared to a larger global community through the internet.


In Tier 1, the secondary 1 Visual Art curriculum looks into preparing students with visual aesthetics and digital media skills to create a photo book, which infuse our school’s value on Gratitude, Respect or Compassionate (GRC). With the collaboration of EL department, Art unit and ICT, students are able to put meanings of their work in words, visual and develop visual literacy skills. In the process of the project, our students will learn good habits to command respect in family, in school, in community and everywhere they go.


The secondary 2 Visual Art curriculum looks into equipping students with visual aesthetics and digital media skills to apply as part of their project. The sec 2 project is just as exciting too! 
Students are able to create a video based on school's GRC values. In the film making progress and a lot of planning and discussions, which include pre-production (visual literacy, drawings, story boarding etc) , production ( handling of camera and shooting techniques etc) and post production (video editing, voice over etc) students learn and understand better in the 3 big words G, R, C. With that, they produce a short film on our school's GRC values and this creates an awareness and highlights the importance of GRC.

Our Secondary 3 ALP is an extended programme, which our Secondary 3 students learn multi media. By the end of the programme, students will gain valuable experiential learning that would mould them into confident learners who can challenge their potential and conquer their aspirations. In tier 2, Our DMA (Digital Media in Visual Arts) members involvement are distinctive as well. This group of students was selected to undergo deeper engagement in Digital Media in Visual Arts (DMA). We have attained a range of awards since we first launched the ALP in 2016.

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