A few words of wisdom spoken straight from the heart. Here is a collection of tips and advice from current students and school alumni.


To Survive Secondary School Life


Build a Foundation
It is good to build a strong foundation on your core subjects during your lower secondary years. It is important to have a healthy balance between your academic life and social life. Besides spending time doing homework and revising, having the company of school friends is always a plus. 


Get Organized
Write down *all* the homework that are given by the teachers so that you would not miss out on any assignment. I promise you that you will feel more confident going to school with all your assignments completed.


Have a fixed schedule at home. Having a personal time table for school/studies at home, can really help you complete all your assignments and ensure you have sufficient rest. Spend lesser time on your gadgets as it would definitely distract you from achieving your goal(s).   


Stress as a Motivator

Turn your stress into good stress. For example, Semestral Assessment is round the corner. Instead of feeling stress, why not think of the path you want to go after secondary school which would give you motivation to study, turning the bad stress into a good stress.


Take It Easy

For my fellow uniform group members: crack jokes. Life does not have to be awfully strict. Cracking jokes allows you to relieve unwarranted tension and stress accumulated from your stressful moments. Jokes were one reason why I was able to enjoy every NPCC parade session. Create inside jokes with good friends.

Nur Syah

My favourite Memory
in Canberra Secondary School


My best memory in canberra secondary school was my participation in secondary 1 camp as a student council. To be honest, this was my very first experience to lead the whole bunch of secondary 1 and I am also not train as a student leader. I participated in this camp this year, 2020. I joined this camp as I really wanted to play a part in serving back the school before leaving for my poly. Since I have gained many experiences in canberra secondary, I was confident that I was able to lead the secondary ones as a student councillor. I did not regret my choice as through this camp, I've understood the training student councillors have to go through to make the camp possible. I've also made many new friends through this camp. It was also a good chance for me to bond with my juniors. Thus, my best memory in canberra secondary would be 2020 secondary 1 camp! 


"The best teacher teaches from the heart, not from the book''. This quote signifies the everlasting love and guidance that the educators in Canberra Secondary provided me during my 5 years there. They are like our 'parents', constantly nurturing us in our academic areas, always there to support us and help us clear our difficulties. 


Other than academic areas, the teachers also provided morale support and encouragement to me and my cohort especially during our graduating years when we were sitting for our national examinations. I still fondly remember in the year 2017 where my cohort and I went through a series of programmes such as a Cohort Movie Session at Causeway Point Cinema during our cohort day and the small notebook given by our then cohort manager, Mr Dinesh Sawlani.

Thank you, once again to all the educators in Canberra Sec!


From My
Secondary School Days


I regretted not working hard for my N level FNN coursework despite being told how important it is. I skipped the coursework session multiple times as I was feeling very lazy and tired after 8 hrs of school. Deep down in my heart, I knew that the coursework will take up 60% of my overall Fnn grades. Eventually, I had to rush out my coursework which did not gave me a good grade. Thus, if you could turn back the time, I would turn up for all coursework session and give my very best. 


If I could turn back time I would choose a different CCA. I am currently in guzheng CCA, I chose this CCA last year because of curiosity. I would consider myself as a sports person and would like to choose a sport as my CCA, but I ended up in guzheng because none of my friends wanted sport as their CCA, and I thought I would feel left out, so I joined them. But I know deep down that I would rather join a sports CCA than Guzheng. I once wished I could turn back time, but its never going to happen, so I accepted it am doing quite well in my current CCA. 


Even though I have tried my very best to be one, I was definitely not the best student out there. Neither was I a very well liked classmate among my peers. While my O Level score had exceeded every single expectation I had, if I had the chance to turn back time to make things even better, I would go back and make sure that all my homework was completed. I feel like at least 95% of the time my teachers got angry with me was because of my lack of punctuality in handing up homework. I would've refrained from the occasions where I acted on emotion and was rude or disrespectful to my teachers.

Not having that many friends / being not well liked actually brought about a lot of emotional stress during secondary school life, so I would make sure to have been more respectful to my classmates & keep some of my comments to myself, so I wouldn't have been universally hated or disliked among my peers across the entire cohort. I also would've worked harder for Chinese. After secondary school I met many people who made me realise how atrocious my ability was and how important it was to be able to speak my mother tongue in this country, and having poor grasp of the language definitely hinders my communications. Last but definitely not least, if I could've turned back time I would've treasured every moment I spent being a student in Canberra secondary. Throughout secondary school life I dreaded school and wished everyday to get out of it and go to polytechnic. But the moment that came true I realised how much I missed life here in CBSS.


Spent too much time complaining about the school’s system instead of enjoying my 4 years 


Memorable School Event


Event: GRC Banquet

Even though I had stepped down from AVA, I still offered my help voluntarily even though I understand that my studies come first. Helping out during such a large scale event was definitely exhausting. However, the cheerful spirits of my AVA members encouraged all of us to work hard until the whole event was over. Though there were some hiccups during the actual performance, we all managed to overcome it thanks to our swift response. After the event, Mr Cruyff sponsored the whole AVA crew to a McDonald meal each. Honestly speaking, that was the best memory of my entire secondary school life. I thank everyone who has journeyed along with me throughout my 4 years in Canberra Secondary School.


Event: Sports Day 

It was during sports day where we all had fun hanging out in school, participating in sports events such as 2.4km run and interclass netball and floorball competitions. It was a whole day of sports events and I remember the canteen was selling carnival food and I enjoyed the food as well as the fun atmosphere of the sports events where music was played and we all had fun with our friends! That day the ice cream man With the ice cream umbrella cart came to our school too and we bought the ice cream, it was a hit scorching day and eating the ice cream felt good.


Event: Sports Day

The school event I like the most is Sports Day Event. This is where every student gets to compete in different competitions. Many sports like Ultimate frisbee, Basketball, 4 x 100m Hurdle and etc were introduce to us. After the event, there will be overall champion class trophy. Other trophy were also given out to the best class of each sports category.



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