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In NCC, we seek to develop our cadets to be “Cadet Strong” - a resilient mind, fit body and committed heart. We also aim to inculcate values of loyalty to our country, uprightness, leadership, discipline, commitment and responsibility, care for fellow cadets, an adventurous spirit and safety in our cadets.

Within the framework of the training programme, NCC cadets have the opportunity to take part in many activities. Our activities include regular training, marksmanship training, camps, water activities like kayaking and dragon boating, adventure training as well as various competitions and military-related programmes organised by NCC HQ.
During regular trainings, we learn parade drills, do physical training and play team-bonding games. We also have several lecture sessions where we cover Total Defence modules, Bends & Hitches lessons as well as nautical knowledge. 

As a junior cadet, the cadets will have opportunity to undergo the Total Defence (Bronze) module where the cadets deepen their understanding on the six pillars of Total Defence. They will then apply their understanding in a card game, Guardians of the City, as part of the module. Junior cadets will also attend camp FORGE (Fun; Friendship, Orientation with Outdoor Adventure, Responsibility and Resilience Building, Grouping of the cadets from different units to emphasize the importance of social cohesion and Experiential Excitement) where they will meet and bond with cadets from other schools as they go through fun outdoor activities. As sea cadets, the junior cadets will also have the opportunity to go through the 1-Star Kayaking Course before they embark on other water activities throughout the years in NCC.

As senior cadets, they will learn about the SAR-21 rifle during their technical handling session as part of the NCC Basic Trainfire Package. During this session, they will also learn how to assemble and strip the rifle. This knowledge and information is necessary before they go on for their Individual Marksmanship Test (IMT) at Nee Soon Camp. They will have a feel of what it is like to shoot a rifle under a controlled environment. The senior cadets will also attend camp STEEL (Standards, Tenacity, Emotional Intelligence, Energy and Leadership) where they will be trained to become responsible and empathetic leaders. During their time at the camp, the senior cadets will enjoy various activities that includes archery, paintball, flying fox and high confidence course. As a continuation of their 1-Star Kayaking course that they have taken the past year, the senior cadets will move on to take on their 2-Star kayaking certificate as part of their core water activity during the year.

Once a cadet becomes a Cadet Leader, they will have many responsibilities to uphold, as they will take on the role of leaders. To further prepare the cadet leaders to be the best leaders for their unit, they will be sent for many courses such as the Specialist Course and the Senior Specialist Leaders Course where they will be assessed based on the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their time in NCC. One of the main highlights of a cadet leader is to shoot live rounds with the SAR-21 rifle during the Live Range session. Another highlight will be the Annual Kayaking Expedition where the cadets will test their strength and resilience as well as teamwork.
With the framework of the school’s VIA programme, the NCC unit also has the opportunity to contribute back to the community. We have worked closely with the MY World Preschool to interact with the children. The cadets plan and execute fun programmes to spend quality time with the pre-schoolers. The cadets have also collected recycled materials from the community as well as distribute flyers to members of the public to spread awareness of the programmes being held within the community. 

Every year, all NCC units take part in the Unit Recognition Award. In 2020, we have achieved the Distinction Award from the efforts of the previous year.


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