The Canberra Secondary School Choir is a relatively new CCA that was started in 2018. From our humble beginnings with only 9 students as our founding group, we have grown into a CCA with 39 passionate choristers. 

We have our own practice room where the temperature outside does not affect our practice(read air-conditioned!!). The flooring has been recently improved for better acoustics and we have purchased additional keyboards for more efficient sectional practices. Our practices are filled with fun and objectivity, as we try to sharpen our vocal skills while keeping things interesting.
In 2019, the Choir participated in its very first Choral competition. The Choristers hard work leading up to the actual competition paid off. They managed a Silver Award at the Singapore International Choral Festival!

The Canberra Secondary School Choir has had an eventful year in 2021. With constant changes and restrictions put in place, the students were able to adapt and overcome these disruptions. Despite all these challenges, the choir is grateful that we were still able to conduct our practices and were given the opportunity to take part in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. The Choir recorded 2 pieces that celebrated friendship and youth, reminding us that our relationships should not be taken for granted and mutual trust and respect is important in our daily interactions.


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