Canberra Secondary School’s Volleyball (Boys & Girls) CCA aims to transform students into athletes and teammates striving towards a common goal. 

Our training sessions typically involve warm up routines and endurance training such as running laps to build stamina. This is followed by practice drills of specific skills such as spiking or footwork depending on the training progress. This is followed by team drills where the students learn to work as a team to setup attacks and cover each other defensively. Lastly, the students will play modified match games to try to apply what they have learnt into an actual match. Students will also have regular gym sessions to build strength in their joints to help prevent injuries from volleyball matches.

Playing volleyball will help build the student’s character and attitude, such as having discipline, resilience, dedication and sportsmanship. Volleyball will also improve the students’ physical capabilities such as strength, power, flexibility, and psychomotor coordination. As a team, they will improve their communication skills and teamwork.

The Volleyball team provides many opportunities for the players to bond through our various Values In Action (VIA) activities where students are able to contribute to the community. The players are also given opportunities to representing the school at the annual ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division Volleyball Zonal Championships and friendly matches with other schools.

We are very excited as we have received a lot of feedback and positive interest from students to open a girls’ team, and now we can realise this dream. This year the Volleyball family has expanded with the opening of the Volleyball Girls team. If you have experience playing volleyball in your primary school or at home and wish to further develop yourself, or just have a very strong interest in playing volleyball competitively in secondary school, do not hesitate to come for the Volleyball Boys or Volleyball Girls tryouts in Jan 2022! Hope to see you soon!


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